We foster for the Great Pyrenees Rescue and Aimee has been wonderful in taking care of our dogs and fosters whenever we needed to leave town, so I already knew Aimee’s love of animals, but I did not know of the magic of Aimee’s hands.

We have a very geriatric-15-year-old, blind and deaf Great Pyrenees and Lab mix name North. When Aimee offered to massage him, I thought it would be nice, as he loves all human interaction.

Well, two days before Aimee was scheduled to massage North, he took a turn for the worse; the kids and I were preparing for his passing. It was difficult for North to move at all and he whimpered when trying to stand up- he had never done that before. In addition to the pain medication, we have a vest with a handle on the top that we use for our older dogs to help them get up, but even with that, North was struggling.

On the day Aimee came, I let her know North’s condition. She lay next to him on the floor and talked so calmly to him. Aimee began to gently massage him and rub him lightly. I could see North perk up and he seemed more relaxed. Aimee continued to work on his muscles and any tight spots she found. She explained to me that his front was more bound up than his back, which surprised me, but Aimee said he is compensating for his weak back legs by over doing it on the front.

During this whole interaction, Aimee continued to keep contact with North and speak softly and reassuringly to him. It was a very peaceful, healing experience. What I did not realize was how healing it was until later that evening. When we began to help North up, he used his own power and raised himself up and almost trotted over to the door! He was able to go down our 2 steps on his own and took his time enjoying outside. Normally, he relieves himself and wants in right away!

The results of Aimee’s massage did not last just that night- the following day North was doing so well we took the vest off of him because he could get up under his own power! We were so impressed.

When Aimee followed up with us a few days later. I told her North was doing better but I was worried about leaving him over the weekend as we had to be out of town. Aimee quickly volunteered to come over and give him another massage. When North saw Aimee again, he was so happy, wagged his tail and stretched out for her!! Once again, Aimee was very calm, gentle and caring towards North. She reassured him and moved gently around him. I felt so much better knowing North would be doing well while we were out of town.

Aimee’s love and compassion of animals is one of her gifts and I would strongly recommend her to anyone who was skeptical of pet massage (as I was).  And the results are amazing to boot. We thought we would lose North but with the help of Aimee’s hands, North is still with us!

— Sands