Wow! John Nielsen, rehabilitation technician at AERCMN recommended massage as part of Mira’s therapy—I must admit I laughed inside but now the joke is on me! After her first massage with Aimee, she had her best walk in 2 years!! She had a longer smoother stride in her back legs and jumped on a retaining wall!! Jumping has not happened in 2 years!! I have not given her any pain medication or her Gabapentin in 3 days!

Long story short, 2 years ago pain interrupted Mira’s activities substantially, initial diagnosis: sports injury to her back. Our current treatment and care have become stagnant and I am not thrilled with where things are at. After meeting with John and consultation with another veterinarian, the concern now is Mira’s pain and stiffness all over, not just in one area and the root cause is not just from a sports injury.

I am still chasing down an answer and I don't have it yet, but I am certain I will find out what is causing all this pain for Mira. In the mean-time, I am following John’s request that Mira receive massage preparing her body for the rehab work that begins at the end of April.


Mira is now stable, walking and jogging with me 5 to 10 miles a day. Currently, she is not using any medications (so far so good), fingers crossed! I am sure you and John will be seeing us again, I really I hope not, I mean that in a good way!! Thanks, for taking the time to check on Mira.
— Shannon, July 2017