My dog Belle is a 13-year old Yellow Lab. She has arthritis in her back legs and has lost a lot of muscle mass back there because it hurts her to use those legs. I usually have to lift her up from her back legs to get her up from the floor, but once up, she does pretty well on walks.

Belle receives veterinary care through MN Pets: Comfort Care Program, this is who referred me to Aimee for massage therapy. The massage is in addition to her daily dose of medications: Tramadol, Rimydal and Adequan for pain and Prion for urinary incontinence.  

Since starting our massage sessions with Aimee, Belle has seemed more energetic, sometimes even moving faster than her muscles will allow and she will fall, but she appears to be in less pain and this is wondeful. I also spend time each day with Belle rubbing her around the hind legs and along the back as Aimee demonstrated, she appears to enjoy this.