Where are you located?

I'm where ever you are! Yes, that is right, I travel to your home. Most pets do best in their own environment, it’s familiar and they tend to be more relaxed. This also eliminates their having to get in-and-out of the car, and you and your pet dealing with traffic.

What to expect?

Before the massage, I will gather some information from you in order to get an in-depth history of your pet. I will ask about your pet’s daily routine, likes and dislikes, your pet’s medical history and any referral instructions from your pet’s veterinarian and/or physical therapist. I will also ask about your expectations of the massage work and its outcome.

What if my pet doesn't like massage?

This is always a possibility. During our session I will closely monitor your pet's body language, and adjustments will be made based on what they communicate to me. Your pet will always have the choice to take a break, perhaps for a belly rub, chin scratch or drink of water--massage is never forced. 

How many sessions will it take?

This is a hard question, the number of sessions is specific to each pet and their condition. Please contact me and tell me what is going on with your pet and I will do my best to give you an estimate based on my experiences with other clients.

Should I massage my pet?

Absolutely! I will demonstrate a few massage strokes that you may use safely on your pet in between our sessions which can ultimately help maintain the body work just done.