Our Buddy was in the final stage of his battle with lymphoma. When he had a considerable decline in a matter of a few days, we called up Aimee, had her come over to massage him, hoping to offer him some pain relief and comfort. On that Friday morning, Aimee came to our house to massage “Buds”. That afternoon we drove up to our cabin (Buds just loves his time there), and since his diagnosis, we’ve been taking him up every chance we get.  We noticed immediately that Buddy was more lively than in previous days, and certainly more so than that morning.

We were able to spend a long and wonderful weekend at the cabin with Buddy. He got to swim, catch a fish, chase rocks in the water and best of all, he got to do it all in his favorite place. We are so happy to have had a few more days to spend with our “Buds,” doing what he loves and for allowing him (and us) to pass in peace.

  Nora and Louise