Brownie is our beagle, terrier and lots of other things mix that we got from the Humane Society 8 years ago. At the time they guessed him at 2 years (he had been a stray) which would make him 10 now but we're pretty sure he's a couple of years older than that. The last few years he has suffered from arthritis and it has progressed quite quickly. He went from a dog who loved to run (so fast he looked like he was flying) to hardly being able to walk to the end of the block and back, in a matter of a few years. I felt so bad for him because he loves to walk and sniff (and mark) and his body wouldn't let him do that anymore. What made it harder was that he still has an energetic personality. 

I decided to check out animal massage as one last effort to improve his quality of life. I googled animal massage therapists and Aimee's website grabbed my attention because I read what owners were saying about their dogs' physical issues and many were similar to Brownie's and because she came to your home for her sessions and it had become really stressful for Brownie to be loaded up in the car. I cannot tell you how thankful I am to have connected with Aimee! I believe she came to our house within a week of my contacting her and the results for Brownie have been more than I could have imagined. After Brownies second massage session, he was walking all the way around the block several times a day!! With regularly scheduled massages, about every 2-3 weeks now, Brownie takes us further on walks and even trots a little bit! The neighbors on the other side of the block are so excited to see him again and everyone comments on how well he is walking. He also gets lots of compliments on his coat, which Aimee told me is another benefit of massage. Aimee worked on his bunched-up muscles and she showed me techniques I can do in between the sessions to keep his muscles loose. Yes, he's still a senior dog and he still has arthritis but now he is able to do more things he enjoys and is much more comfortable and happy. Aimee is very kind, gentle and respectful when working with Brownie and she obviously has a special talent in healing and connecting with animals. And we are so happy to have some more quality time with Brownie!